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•  Change all of your filters monthly.clipboard

•  Tune up your system twice a year with McWilliams & Son, Inc.

Things to Check Before You Call:

•  Are your filters clean, allowing air to flow easily?

•  Are your heating & AC breakers all in the “on” position?

•  Is your thermostat set to the “cool” position?

•  Have your thermostat batteries been replaced recently?

•  If water is leaking through the ceiling, please call immediately.

Here is a list of some of the work we will perform when we come out for a service call:

•  Check refrigerant level

•  Inspect complete AC and heating system

•  Inspect all start capacitors

•  Inspect all cooling and heating safety devices

•  Electronically measure amperage draw to ensure energy savings

•  Tighten ail electrical connections

•  Inspect coils for mold, mildew, or dirt

•  Inspect and flush drain line

•  Inspect electric heat strip

•  Check breakers

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